Ipinaskil ni: ahkong | Oktubre 12, 2008

Identity Crisis

Hindi… wala po akong identity crisis o dual personality….dual identity pwede pa..LOLs (Sa umaga si Boy Kulangot…..sa gabi….Gurl Kipay…LOls)

Half-pinoy….half-pinay….nyah….ha..ha…ha..ha… anu yan  ACDS ???

Tama na nga yang kalokohan na yan….seryusli espiking…..

I came across an article regarding sa isa sa peborit kong 80’s pinoy bands. Do you still remember this song titles to name a few?

“Imagining October”…..”My Sactuary”…..”Sumayaw Umawit Ka”….

Yes, this are the songs by “Identity Crisis”

Ano na kaya ang nangyari sa kanila ?


Formed in 1986, Identity Crisis became one of the pioneering alternative bands in the Philippines. Their signature sound, catchy melodies, gothic outfits and mysterious identities has made the band an underground favorite garnering fans from all over the country.

Releasing their first album in 1987, “Tale of Two”, has reshaped Philippine music. From appearing on TV variety shows to performing live concerts nationwide, Identity Crisis, was nominated in the prestigious ALIW Awards for Best New Artist. Their second album released in 1991, “Water Came Running”, earned a tremendous amount of respect from their musical colleagues, mainly for the bands “ahead of their time” songwriting and arrangements, which until this very day, still sounds fresh from the studios. After appearing in several compilation albums, Identity Crisis packed up their instruments and called it a day. Several producers have approached the members, hoping to spark a reunion concert but there are no immediate plans. Currently the members of Identity Crisis are involved in their personal careers in the field of architecture, culinary, the airline industry, broadcasting and information technology. In 2006, one of the most popular bands in the Philippines, Rivermaya, released an all-cover album containing songs from the 80’s, in which two (2) of Identity Crisis’ songs, My Sanctuary and Sumigaw Umawit Ka, were featured. Identity Crisis, to this very day, is considered a major and important influence in the alternative and undergound music scene in the Philippines


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