Ipinaskil ni: ahkong | Marso 29, 2009

Chip Tsao wag ikaw insulto Pinoy

Nabasa nyo na ba itong article ni Chip Tsao, isang writer sa Hong Kong na masyado tayong minamaliit ?

Kung ayaw nyong ma bad trip na naman gaya ng ginawa ni Boyet Fajardo wag nyo ng basahin….

Kung  trip nyong pumatay ng isang Communist Pig eh basahin nyo….sinama ko na rin yung ibang mga readers na nag comment at matutuwa kayo na maiinis talaga…pwamis.

Nga pala….baka may nagpupunta sa inyo sa Hong Kong eh, paki kurot na lang sa singit itong mahaderang ito….LOLs


The War At Home

March 27th, 2009



The Russians sank a Hong Kong freighter last month, killing the seven Chinese seamen on board. We can live with that-Lenin and Stalin were once the ideological mentors of all Chinese people. The Japanese planted a flag on Diàoyú Island. That’s no big problem-we Hong Kong Chinese love Japanese cartoons, Hello Kitty, and shopping in Shinjuku, let alone our round-the-clock obsession with karaoke.


But hold on-even the Filipinos? Manila has just claimed sovereignty over the scattered rocks in the South China Sea called the Spratly Islands, complete with a blatant threat from its congress to send gunboats to the South China Sea to defend the islands from China if necessary. This is beyond reproach. The reason: there are more than 130,000 Filipina maids working as $3,580-a-month cheap labor in Hong Kong. As a nation of servants, you don’t flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter.

As a patriotic Chinese man, the news has made my blood boil. I summoned Louisa, my domestic assistant who holds a degree in international politics from the University of Manila, hung a map on the wall, and gave her a harsh lecture. I sternly warned her that if she wants her wages increased next year, she had better tell every one of her compatriots in Statue Square on Sunday that the entirety of the Spratly Islands belongs to China.

Grimly, I told her that if war breaks out between the Philippines and China, I would have to end her employment and send her straight home, because I would not risk the crime of treason for sponsoring an enemy of the state by paying her to wash my toilet and clean my windows 16 hours a day. With that money, she would pay taxes to her government, and they would fund a navy to invade our motherland and deeply hurt my feelings.

Oh yes. The government of the Philippines would certainly be wrong if they think we Chinese are prepared to swallow their insult and sit back and lose a Falkland Islands War in the Far East. They may have Barack Obama and the hawkish American military behind them, but we have a hostage in each of our homes in the Mid-Levels or higher. Some of my friends told me they have already declared a state of emergency at home. Their maids have been made to shout “China, Madam/Sir” loudly whenever they hear the word “Spratly.” They say the indoctrination is working as wonderfully as when we used to shout, “Long live Chairman Mao!” at the sight of a portrait of our Great Leader during the Cultural Revolution. I’m not sure if that’s going a bit too far, at least for the time being. 

Chip Tsao is a best-selling author and columnist. A former reporter for the BBC, his columns have also appeared in Apple Daily, Next Magazine and CUP Magazine, among others. 


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Submitted by greenblooded on Sun, 29/03/2009 – 16:15.

satire my ass! if this is a satire, then its a very bad one! ive read articles that are meant to be satires, and this is clearly not one, or one that is tastelessly written… this is pure and simply crap from a racist jerk…

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Submitted by TsaoisRacist on Sun, 29/03/2009 – 16:09.

Though other readers sees it as a satire I do believe this has gone below the belt. If you search on the internet(search Chip Tsao) this is not the only column/article where he says such racist remarks. Though other people claims it as irony for me this is purely a racist column with the whole intention of putting his anger on us Filipinos for such a merely unimportant matter on Spartly Island. Irony can be done in a manner where you don’t step peoples pride or hurt others but here I can only see less irony more on racist remarks..

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stupid article from a stupid website


Submitted by greenblooded on Sun, 29/03/2009 – 15:51.

it only shows how second-rate this website is, for the editor to allow this article to be posted…

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Chip Tsao Must Be Dying For @tention…..Hope he Gets His Wish!

Submitted by surferjoe on Sun, 29/03/2009 – 15:50.

Father Forgive This Arrogant Racist Slimeball For He Knows Not What He Doeth…

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Your filth


Submitted by M79blooperman on Sun, 29/03/2009 – 15:29.

How dare you think you have the right to treat any country as less than you. Just because lots of filipinas work in your country doesnt make them any less than you. Someone else made a good point i know there are lots of chinese hookers here running their massage parlors. GIve me a break. We’ll take your maids if you keep your whores… Your in a country with no regard for human life. Millions of your people were exterminated. So where do you get off? Threatening your maid?!?!?!?! thats the worst thing ive ever heard.   


Your a disgrace to the human race. Because of people like you millions were exterminated lets break it down for you.

Hitler 11 million people….. wow such a nice guy.

Stalin – 20 million people…… what a prick and guess what a communist too…… seems to remind me of someone gah whats his name?

CHAIRMAN MAO?!? YEAH THATS RIGHT you pathetic piece of trash.

how many did he kill 50-70 million! thats from wikipedia so dont say its a lie look it up for yourself.

your oh so glorios leader was probably by far one of the most sadistic and evil men who ever walked this planet.

But one day youll open your mouth or attack the phills and we will come to their aide and bomb your sorry buttts back into the stone age.

So be careful what you say you racist piece of slime.

Btw dont get me wrong i understand not all chinese feed into this trash.

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Hindi ko na nilagay lahat nung nag comment dahil ang dami…masyado ng mahaba.

Kung gusto ninyong makita heto ang link :



Isa lang ang masasabi ko sa tanginang aroganteng komyunistang supot  na ito…….


Hay naku ayoko ng mag init ang ulo ko….nasisira ang beauty ko sa pootah na to.

Dapat pagsamahin’tong si Chip Tsao at si Boyet Fajardo at itali sa monomento ni Rizal at pipila lahat ng pinoy……isa isang suntok lang sa mukha, yung solid dapat para matauhan mga ganitong klaseng tao.

Isa pa ulit…..TAENA MO !!! CHIP TSAO, racist chickenshitfuckingpussyasshole !!!!

Whew !!!! Makatsibog na nga…….


  1. Chip Tsao, hanggang laway at amoy laway ka lang!!! i only have one word for you:


    Sensya na Bosing alam ko kalahi mo yan…=)))uminit na naman ulo ko eh….

  2. Hinahon lang sel…. may araw din yang chekwa na yan….LOLs

    Siya akyen hindi kalahi….ako pinoy…100%

  3. wheeeeeeew………..ang bad!!!
    manang mana ke fajardo….sarap nla paguntugin..hakhak

  4. wheeee….

    kapareho niya yung isang anchor sa isang local tv station sa us/tate. mapanglait ng sobra sobra…

    as in sobrang racist…hindi ko lang maalala ang kanyang pangalan…

    tangina nilang dalawa…

  5. binabaril dapat yan hindi dapat binubuhay hehe ang sama ko naman ata …pero kung ganyan lang din naman na tinatapakan tayo ulol sya..

    badtrip…ayoko na nga iba naman hek3…kwento ka na lang kuya…

  6. si chip tsao ang bagong malu fernandez!!! blogatak, mga kapatids! 🙂

  7. maraming insecurity lang sa buhay yang miswa na yan…

    kagaya ng etits niya…

    ang liit kaya pati spratylys inaangkin..aahaha..loser.

  8. @simplefula09 – PAreho silang IPAKO SA RILES NG TRENNN !!!! tapos…HUBARANNNN !!!! at IPAHADA SA LAHAT NG BADING !!!!…..

    @anakngpating – uu nga ka badtrip…hayaan mo hwento na lang ako sa susunod…wala pang pumapasok sa utak ko eh…holiday yata…LOLs

    @Maldito – LOLs…uu nga…pero hindi ko maintindihan kaliit-liit ng Spratlys pilit na kinukuha ng China…baka tama yung balita noon na may langis nga dyan….

  9. ahahaha tama…ipa churva na yan…hakhak

  10. wag nang patulan. these are the things we have to undergo for being a developing country.

    pero i have high hopes for the philippines. =)

    and besides, dapat bang patulang ang isang uri ng reckless and poor journalism. dapat ibaon na lang ito sa lupa.

  11. The issue raised by Chip Tsao isn’t just about disputes in Spratly… I guess there is deeper reason behind this. He took it too personal. So let’s make it personal. He started the war, so bring it on. The war isn’t about China vs. Philippines but Chip Tsao alone vs. Filipinos. Feel our rage Chip Tsao!


  12. chip tsao has no credibility, tapos!

  13. @taroogs – tama katulad ni malu fernandez….ulanin ng mura at isumpa ang vaklitang si chip tsao…LOLs

    @simplefula09 – naku wag lang syang magkakamaling pumuslit papasok ng pinas talagang itatali ko sa riles ng tren, mas maganda yata sa riles ng MRT, at pahahada natin yang bwishit na yan…LOLs

    @monching02 – tama ka rin, wag ng pansinin kaso mahirap tanggapin yung pang iinsulto niya. Sana nga mag dilang anghel ka at gumanda sana ang buhay nating mga pinoy. salamat sa pag daan.

    @supergulaman – sali ako dyan…LOLs hambalusin ko ng tsinelas yan, havayanas pa…
    salamat din sa pagdaan brader…

    @dencio – uy denz, kamusta na bakasyon ? hinayhinay lang sa paglaklak ng san mig…tiran mo ako para pag uwi ko eh may ma mamam ako…LOLs

  14. ayus dita ah. pwede magmura? hahaha…ayus blog mo ahkong..joke lang di naman me nagmumura eh..

    madako tayu kay Chip Tsao..
    diyos na bahala sa kanya
    ok din sulat nay kita ng mga pinoy kung oanu tayu sa mata ng ibang lahi although not all naman un lang

    sana maging wake up call saten to mga kababayan..

    peace sa web!

  15. @liquidchiken – Thanks sa pagdalaw kapatid…

    oo open dito, pwede dito kahit ano wag lang porn…(pag porn eh PM mo lang ako…ahihihihihi)

    tama ka rin sa wakeup call para sa mga ordinaryong madlang pipol at lalong lalo na sa gobyerno natin na dapat kahit konti eh magkarun naman ng suporta sa gaya naming mga OFW.

    salamat ulit sa pagdaan.

  16. hoy intsik beho! di namin kailangan apolgy mo..go “F” yourself..!

  17. @edong – huminahon ka pren, baka magkasakit ka sa puso….mahirap magkasakit ngayon.

    buti pa sama ka na lang sa akin at pupunta tayo sa patay…..

    oo sa patay-sindi ang ilaw….LOLs

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