Ipinaskil ni: ahkong | Abril 16, 2009

Ang G.R.O.

Matagal na sa akin itong email na ito. Talagang itinabi ko sa isang file dahil magandang basahin. This will give an insight sa ano ba ang buhay ng isang Guest Relation Officer o ang tinawag na G.R.O…..paano mo sila kakarinyuhin ano ba ang mga kiliti nila…lalong lalo na ang do’s ang don’ts.

Hindi ko alam kung kanino nanggaling itong email na ito, pero nakatulong itong article na ito sa akin to understand ang mga babaeng nagtatrabaho sa mga clubs, maliit man o malaki. Recommended reading para sa mga single guys na mahilig pumunta ng clubs…at para na rin sa mga not-so-single, na walang kasawa-saw…LOLs

Halika samahan nyo akong malaman natin kung ano ba ang G.R.O……


1. GROs are just like your everyday ordinary girl just like your officemate or probably your classmate. veterans or not. It’s just that, their jobs dictate that they should entertain you and give you a good time for your money whether they like you or not. Can you imagine yourself going to a club and having to buy your unpreferred GROs ladies drinks? Magsusungit ka din sa kausap mo.

In my place, I have veterans too and they’re still the same emotional human beings I met two, three or four years ago. Others have boyfriends, girlfriends or even husbands already and that is why they can not reciprocate your good intentions. You may pay for sex but their hearts are taken. Still, don’t take it against them. You were probably late. Move on, you can’t have all that you want. Minsan basted minsan hinde. Maybe, you can just pay for sex.

2. SEX. Even if your paying a girl for sex, PSP man o GRO, the payee is still a human being. If you want her to be great in bed, she must be in the mood. I have read so many complaints here on whether a PSP is maarte or not or nagmamadali umuwi. Maybe it’s the PSPs fault, but we’re not really sure, are we? There are people kasi, to put it mildly, not keen on personal hygiene. Mabaho eh, or hindi man lang nagpalit ng brief. There are also some na nananakot — “PULIS AKO EH. Gusto mo ipahuli kita?”. There are also some, who just don’t know how to prepare the woman. Tuyo pa nga gusto mo ng pingerin, dalawang daliri pa. Be considerate. One time, there was a party at this high end MP at Paranaque were everyone was drinking tea for delaying ejaculation. The MP opened up to me afterwards, since we’ve been going out most of the time, “ang tatagal matapos kaya hirap na hirap na kami hindi naman kami nageenjoy. OK lang yung matagal matapos kung boyfriend ko. Gusto pa mag two rounds eh matagal na nga yung first round, pano pa kaya sa pangalawa?”.

Again, they’re humans too just like your wife. Ni hindi ka nga ngingitian siguro ng asawa mo pag hindi ka nya type ngitian eh. You have to understand women first and foremost.

3. GROs and MPAs do fall in love. Even if at first, they wanted you for your money. We, clubgoers, have the opportunity to make them love us. How? By going there and spending time with them. Of course, dadaan ka sa, minsan ang attention nila nasa ibang guest, o kaya, wala sila sa mood harapin ka. Just don’t be a jerk. Wag mong aawayin. Be patient. Mahirap manligaw ng GRO, BUT, if they do fall in love with you, they really love their partners so well. Thus, you may meet a GRO who’s now supporting her bum husband. Ganyan sila eh. I am married to my former GRO and sometimes I wonder why she keeps up with me.




1. Be there always. Pag may guest sila, hintayin mo. Pero pag sayo na nakaupo, be sure that you are ready to spend. Wag naman yung pauupuin mo sya sa tabi mo magdamag, walang pulutan, ang bagal ng drinks, tapos naguuwian na ang mga guest nyang handang gumastos. MABUBWISIT LANG SYA SAYO. I’ve met several of these kind. Andudun parati, ang bagal naman ng drinks, 5 to 7 hours nakatable, pinapadalhan ko pa ng pagkain yung babae sa dressing room dahil hindi man lang umoorder ng pulutan yung guest. After several weeks, the GRO avoided him and the guest complained to me and stopped visiting my place. Of course, I had to make excuses in the process. Does that make me and my GRO terrible hosts? Beterano ba kami pag ganun?

2. Be clean and make sure you smell good. Magtoothbrush ka, deodorant, cologne, etc. There are guests who want to save a few bucks and therefore would rather drink somewhere else before going to clubs. What they don’t realize is that the smell of Cigarette, Sisig or other pulutans, or Beer, or Liquor is a major turn-off if the GRO or MPA is sober. And sometimes these guests would demand ES. Kakatakot kaya. Don’t ever ever forget this. If you are clean 90% of the time, the 10% chance that you are not, will go a long way in tarnishing your image. GIRLS talk inside the dressing room.

3. Be loyal to her. If she’s absent, try to talk to the manager and tell her you’re going back for her. And keep your promise. In clubs, most guys especially the sosyal ones, are afraid to reveal their feelings. Nahihiya sila ipaalam na nagkakagusto at seryoso sila sa GRO. Why??? This is the number one sign that GROs look for in their guests if the GROs are seriously considering you as boyfriend material. The other GROs will envy her and they will want you for themselves. Pero kung mabaho ka at buraot ka, di bale na lang.

Pick a GRO that you like. If you find her, keep her as your GRO or as your girlfriend. Alagaan mo sya.

Young guys go for different GROs most of the time. Tutok lang mga pare, wag paiba-iba.

Masarap pumunta sa isang lugar na isa lang ang pinupuntahan mo. I’ve shared this advise to my friends before. The sex is better if the girl knows you well and is comfortable with you. GRO man or MPA or PSP or asawa ng boss mo.

you know, one cause of eractile dysfunction (tama ba, i forgot the term eh) is anxiety. Pag kilala mo yung babae, hindi ka natatakot hindi tigasan, thus, the more madali kang tigasan. hehe…

============ ==

Not all girls are after your money. Meron din namang mga taong hindi nagtatrabaho sa club pero mukhang pera. Yung iba nga presidente na ng Pilipinas mukha pa ding pera.

Isa-isahin natin ha, I’m not an expert, maybe I’m just blessed with wonderful GROs. Also, t his is for guests who like their GROs to like them back.

MONEY DOWN. It’s not you, it’s probably the guests before you. There are people who are just assholes. They will try to do it without the GROs explaining the terms of her extra services. Pag walang binanggit na extra payment, hindi sila magbibigay. Ang galing galing makiusap, pag tapos na, ang babae na maghahabol EH BAWAL MAGHABOL NG BAYAD. Therefore, money down. But they’re not doing this to all. If you feel uncomfortable asking your GRO for ES, ask your FM. You can course your payment through them also. Hindi lang din naman GRO ang mahilig mag money down eh. Ikaw ba papayag magpa BJ sa bakla ng hindi ka sigurado kung babayaran ka? If you’re OK, based on your track record, trust me, there’s no money down involved.

You see, the risk should be worth it. Pumayag sya sa ES without knowing who you really are. Baka mamaya raid pa yan tapos pa-thank you thank you lang ang bayad sa ES. In clubspeak, it’s called T.Y. Mare, baka ma-TY ka hindi ko kilala yan. In clubs, you are expected to TIP. Even at grocery stores, if a bagger carries your grocery items to your car… YOU TIP. ito pa kaya bubukaka sila para sa inyo. I have two regular guests, both, the sons of a former presidential candidate and now senatorial candidate. Ang babait, ang gagwapo, ang babata, at marunong magtip ni hindi humihingi ng discount. Sobra, saludo ako sa dalawang to at sa tatay ng mga to. The brother of a vice mayor goes here too. Ganun din, ang bait, gwapo na hindi pa mayabang. Ang mayayabang yung mga nagbabanggit lang ng pangalan… “KUmpare ako ni ganito, kapatid yan ni kwan..” Sira ba sila, makakapagbukas ka ba ng club ng basta basta. If you’re wondering why Vic Sotto, Dolphy and other not-so-handsome TV personalities have lots of beautiful women around them, it’s because of their attitude towards women. The size of your dick should not be your utmost concern.

Some girls are uncomfortable asking you for their payment. PLEASE don’t take advantage. Yung iba dito umiiyak pag nati-TY. “Huhuhu… yung boyfriend ko nga hindi ko bini-bj ginawa ko lang sa kanya dahil wala talaga akong pera…” It breaks my heart everytime I see this. What I do is give my FM some money and tell the FM to give it to the GRO. “kunwari binigay ng guest.”

GROs, MPAs, and even PSPs talk to each other. Pag kupal ka, iiwasan ka, tapos walanghiya ka ang kapal ng mukha mo sasabihin mo maarte ako. PSPs, GROs and MPAs who are reading this, if you agree with me, please post.

Women are more emotionally driven when it comes to sex. Minsan nga malaki na offer ng guest ayaw pang pumayag, why? Probably because tumutulo laway nila, bastos pa mga kaibigan. hehe… If your friends are like this, you can always say, “pasensya ka na sa mga kaibigan ko ha, first time nila sa club eh…” and please, remind your friends to behave.

CLUBS & GROs THESE DAYS. If you go to clubs these days, you will notice that not all the girls are your typical 70s era type of club girls from the provinces. Iba na ngayon. There are students from exclusive schools, part-time models, daughters of prominent men, and what-have-you. Uso na ang club ngayon. Whereas before, yuppies go to discos and dance clubs on fridays.

Now, most people would probably go to clubs. Hindi na nakakahiya eh, hindi na rin nililihim (of course, this is not the case if you’re married). Just like plastic surgery, hindi na idinideny to. Hey, there’s even a site called MANILATONIGHT. COM. Airforce 1, Classmates or even Starfleet are places to be seen nowadays. Pinagmamalaki mo pa na galing ka sa Classmates. If you have a Girlfriend who works at Airforce One, you can proudly tell your friends. So don’t act as if, people will laugh at you if they see you at clubs. Act normal. Yung iba natatawa pag tumetable sila. So? Be comfortable, it’s ok. Have a good time. Soon after, ikaw na matatawa sa kanila kasi ang corny ng trip nila.

Club workers are the most enjoyable people you’ll meet. Some are there for the money, while others work there for enjoyment. I own a garments firm running 22 hours a day, 7 days a week. But I’d rather spend most of my time at my club. There was a time that we had to close for more than a week. I tell you, these were one of the loneliest times of my life. Even if people are successful in closing down clubs due to pressure from complainants, they must realize that people will just go to other clubs. Ganun din eh. Pinasara nila kami noon, yan tuloy, sa Roxas Blvd. pa napunta yung mga asawa nila. Napamahal pa. In small clubs, cellphones, cellphone load, tips, Ok na yun eh. In high-end clubs, baka apartment na at sari-sari store ang maibigay ng mga asawa nila sa mga babae dun. During the time that we were closed, my GRO decided to hook up with her favorite guest. Naka Honda CRV na sya ngayon. The guest probably got to know my GRO alot better because by then, he had no choice. Sarado kami eh, na inlove tuloy.

The guest i’m referring to is not your typical handsome, bagets, magara-ang-kotse type of guy and the GRO I’m referring to is not your typical GRO either. She was my monthly topnotcher for more than a year — straight. She was my favorite. Mahal ko yung babaeng yun — not romantically though — and everybody knows that. Ang bait nung lalake, tahimik lang, hindi mayabang. Now, they are happy. My alaga is happy. Who says you can’t find true love in clubs?


Kaya kayong mga guys na mahilig magpunta sa mga club at tumeybol ng G.R.O. (katulad ko), eh behave muna….kung baga parang santo na may sungay ..hindi makabasag ng mukha….LOLs

Ibig kong sabihin, give them respect kasi babae rin sila at para sa mga single guys dyan, baka bigla kayong main-love sa isang G.R.O. eh huwag ninyong ikakahiya…..

Dahil tao rin sila…marunong masaktan…..marunong magmahal….



  1. kuya ano ung ES hehe cenxa na man di ko po alam eh hehe..
    yap babae rn ako hehe…

  2. @lovely – ang ES…eh…Extra Service….’lam mo na yun….

    manicure…pedicure….foot spa sa mukha…mga ganun….LOLs

  3. mahaba..pero ayos lang…mga guidelines na pupunta ka sa classy bars ^^

  4. @wei – yup wei…kaya ngayon alam mo na ang diskarte….

    pero dapat sama ako dyan….LOLs

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