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Katatakutang Poknat 4 : Haunting in Springfield Garden

Haunting In Springfield Gardens

May 25, 2009

It was summer of 1996 my parents decided to rent out the basement for extra income to a young couple with a teenage son, lets call him Matt. One day my brother and I were playing in the yard. Matt invited us into their apartment basement to play games. After we got approval from our parents, we went. 

While walking in, I noticed that there was a small altar with different saints, pictures, candles and statues tucked away in a very small room in which I did not remember seeing before. It had no door, it was covered with a sheer curtain and that’s why I was able to see it. However, I paid no mind to it.

After an hour or so of playing video games, he came to us with an Ouija board.  My brother and I knew exactly what the board was capable of doing after hearing so many stories on it, so we refused to play.  Matt laughed at us and started calling us names, so we left. We told our parents what had happened and they decided to talk to Matt’s parents on the situation.  His parents just shrugged it off as normal kids play.

The following weekend my brother and I were playing in the yard again when Matt came to us in an apologetic manner and invited us again into the apartment to play games. We agreed given that both of his parents were around.  This time his parents approached us with the board asking us to play with them.  After we refused, they just told us to watch them play and they will show us that there is nothing to be afraid of.  We again refused and left.  We never told our parents about that day, ever.

About a few months later my father evicted them, given that they did not get along and were refusing to pay rent.  After they moved out, my brother and I were responsible for cleaning out the basement. We found all sorts of strange books on the occult, weird pictures of demons, and a guide on using the Ouija. As we were placing all these items in garbage bags; what we saw that day, to this day haunts our memories.  We owned two cats, which both we allowed to follow us into the basement.  The basement was obviously set up as a nice big apartment with three bedrooms. While we were cleaning the living room about to enter what use to be the parents bedroom, we saw a dark figure cross in front of us entering that room. As we started to approach that room the cats got in front of us and started hissing at us as if they were about to attack.  It was very weird the way everything happened. Again, we decided to never tell our parents, did not want to worry them.

As years went by, I started hating this house; it felt like there was so much negativity in it.  There were times when I would be alone in the house and have the feeling of being watched.  One day I was in my living room watching a funny movie when all of a sudden a cold breeze went right through me (no windows were open and no fan was on). I quickly got up from the couch to look around the living room to see if I can see anything. To my amazement I saw nothing, I just laughed it off.  Cinnamon, for some reason was a smell that I always smelt after these strange occurrences.

At times when I was home alone in the house, for no reason I would become depressed and full of suicidal thoughts, in which I just brushed off. Now that I look back into those dark days I am very thankful that I never tried to harm myself. Instead I started to look for extra after school activities to keep me away from being home.

One night while on my way home from school, as I passed the school park, I had a strong feeling that someone was behind me.  When I turned around, this was my first encounter with shadow people.  I was able to see in the night with the help of city lights, which is why I knew I was the only person walking in that block. There were three dark hooded figures standing at the end of the block that I was on. I knew it was not a real humans shadow or my own shadow, I just had that sense as I saw them.  They were moving towards me when I was standing still. Two of the figures stayed at the end of the block pacing left to right while the third continued towards me and suddenly stopped next to a light post across the street from me, as it was looking at me.  I just stood there reciting prayers in my mind then slowly turned around and ran home.

Things became much weirder afterwards.  For some reason I was able to tell if someone would be coming over to the house or entering the same room I was in. For instance, one day I was washing dishes and had a vision in my mind that someone was watching me.  I turned around, nothing. I turned around a second time, in the same position as my vision my cousin was there watching me.

On another occasion while I was lying down on my bed watching TV I had a vision of three figures outside my bedroom door. Since the door was open, moments later I heard the voice of my mother. I turned around, again the three figures in the same order same position as my vision, it was my mom and two brothers. I did not view these visions as a gift of any sort given that they appeared to me as dark shadows, very scary at times.

I started to explain everything to my brother. He informed me that he was also experiencing the same thing. He informed me that he would see an old man wondering in the house. My brother on the other hand was experiencing possessions. On one occasion, it was early morning when his girlfriend came rushing into my room screaming that something was wrong with my brother. I quickly rushed out of bed to his room.  He was stiff, paralyzed, lying in his bed sweating, eyes wide open in a trance. Not knowing what to do, I rushed to his side and started to shake him. He looked at me trying to tell me something. As I made out what he was asking for, he was asking for water. After I quickly got him water, I poured it over him and he snapped out of it. I asked him what happened and he quickly started to explain what he saw in his trance. He started to explain that he felt as he was just falling down a tunnel and something was grabbing him.  He said his skin felt as if it were burning. On another occasion, I walked into his room to check up on him, I saw him in a trance sitting on his bed. I waited silently for him to snap out of it. When he did, he had no memory of what happened.

We explained what was happening to our parents. They were not shocked; in fact they knew how to deal with the situation. Our parents believed but did not practice Santeria; like the board, it can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.  They informed us that they had a feeling that Santeria was being practiced by the Matt’s family. My brother and I were shocked, given that we never told them anything that occurred in the basement.  To us it made perfect sense, since while cleaning out the basement on that day we found all of that stuff.  I mean, why else would you need all that stuff or why would you want to have that in your home. They quickly sought out help for us.  We started going to church a lot and received lots of help from a psychic/ Santero, let’s call him Sam.  We saw Sam often and he did a house cleaning which helped out a lot. Sam was very helpful, he even urged us to call him if anything strange occurred in the house or if we just wanted to talk. We questioned Sam on the house along with everything that was occurring; all he told us was that there was an evil entity in the house but not to worry because he took care of it. I guess since we experienced so much, he was more concerned with us feeling safe in our home.

We knew Sam was not a fake; he informed us of so much stuff even the death of our father whom was very ill. He passed a few months later. My mother sold the house shortly after. We all agreed to it, there were just too many memories of both good and bad in that house. The day that we moved out, neither front nor back door wanted to open. The locks jammed, we had to break them just to get out. The couple that purchased the house renovated it. Whether or not the haunting continued, is what I will never know nor am interested in knowing. It has been ten years since we have moved out of that house and to this day I still remember everything as it was a bad dream. To this day we have not experienced anything like we did in that house and we are all fine.



  1. tinatamad akong mag basa pag mahabaang ingilsan hehe…kuya

  2. @lovely – LOLs….’wag kang mag alala…ako rin….ahihihihihi….

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